Garden Pea

Use of varieties Arkel, VRP 5, Ageta 6, PM 2, Azad P 1 and VL 8

Integrated management of insect pests and diseases

Planting on raised bed

Farm Tools and Equipment

The tools, equipment and technologies that will help in timely completion of farm operations, better placement of inputs and drudgery reduction, resulting in higher productivity in agriculture and post harvest processing in the state are: laser land leveler, rotavator, zero-till drill, happy seeder, strip till drill, vertical conveyor reaper, reaper binder, straw combine, high capacity thresher, combine, sugarcane sett cutting machine, sugarcane sett cutter planter, multi purpose sugarcane planter, rotary weeder, sugarcane stripper, track type combine, greenhouse technology, ECS, modern grain milling, fish transport, solid-state biogas plant.

Livestock and Poultry

The major livestock in the state of Uttarakhand comprises 0.4 million non-descript cattle and 0.5 million buffaloes in milk, producing around 1.2 million tonnes of milk annually, and buffaloes contribute the major share (0.7 million tonnes). Besides, 2 million poultry are contributing 0.18 billion eggs per annum. The population of goats is 1.2 million. The productivity of cattle and poultry could be enhanced through the following interventions:

Improved germplasm of cattle (Frieswal) for achieving 5% higher milk yield, rabbit

  (German Angora) for enhanced wool production and backyard poultry (Vanaraja, Gramapriya) for

  100 % increase in egg production over indigenous birds

Area specific mineral (P, Ca, Co) supplementation for 10-15% improvement in productivity

Feed and fodder conservation (hay making under polyhouse, silage) for sustaining productivity

Silvi-pasture based farming system for increasing fodder resource

Field based diagnostic kits (FMD, GI parasites) and vaccines (Ranikhet, fowl pox) for

  enhanced production and income

Value addition of wool (shawls, sweaters)