Madhya Pradesh


  Increasing adoption of micro-irrigation methods on a large scale with target of conversion of 

   total potato cultivation in the state within next five years

  Promotion of balanced use of fertilizers and integrated management of insect pests and diseases

Farm Tools and Equipment

The tools, equipment and technologies that will help in timely completion of farm operations, better placement of inputs and drudgery reduction, resulting in higher productivity in agriculture and post-harvest processing in the state are: laser land leveler, zero-till drill, happy seeder, rotavator, multi-crop planter, pneumatic planter, vegetable transplanter, wheel hand hoe, soybean harvester, soybean thresher, pigeonpea thresher, greenhouse technology, ECS, modern ginning, primary lac processing, modern grain milling, cotton stalk particle boards, fish transport, and solid-state biogas plant.

Livestock and Poultry

Madhya Pradesh has about 0.1 million crossbred cattle, 3.4 million non-descript cattle and 2.8 million buffaloes in milk, producing around 6.3 million tonnes of milk annually, and buffaloes are contributing the major share (3.4 million tonnes). Besides, 12 million poultry are contributing 1 billion eggs per annum. The state has great potential to enhance productivity of cattle, buffalo and poultry with the following interventions:

Improved germplasm of Frieswal cattle and Murrah buffalo for 5 % increase in milk production 

  and backyard poultry (Vanaraja, Gramapriya, CARI Priya) for 100 % increase in egg production 

  over indigenous birds

Crystoscope assisted Artificial Insemination for improved conception rate by 20%

Field based diagnostic kits (bovine viral diarrhoea, infectious bovine rhinotracheitis, Peste des petitis ruminants) and vaccines (foot-and-mouth disease, haemorrhagic septecemia, bluetongue) for enhanced production and income

Complete feed blocks and area-specific mineral (P, Zn and Mn) supplementation for 10-15% improvement in productivity

Value addition and improving shelf life of milk products (low cholesterol ghee, instant kheer mix and flavoured milk)


Madhya Pradesh has 17,088 km of rivers and canals, 4.6 lakh ha of reservoirs and 60,000 ha of ponds and tanks that produce about 51,000 tonnes of fish. The average fish yield from FFDA ponds is about 1.5 tonnes/ha/year. On account of the vast resources, even a marginal increase in yield rate in the reservoirs of the state can contribute a substantial quantity of fish to the production basket. With the following interventions, fish production in Madhya Pradesh can be increased substantially:

Adopting reservoir fisheries management guidelines (200 kg/ha/year)

Integrated rice-duck-poultry-fish culture (2 tonnes/ha/year)

Carp culture (2.5 tonnes/ha/year)

Fish production in Madhya Pradesh can be increased to more than 1 lakh tonnes/annum by adopting these measures, nearly doubling the production, that could be marketed in other states with profit.