Mass Media Support to Agricultural Extension

 “Mass media Support to Agricultural Extension”.

1. Name of the Scheme : -                 Mass Media Support to Agricultural Extension.

2. Brief history / back ground and objectives of the scheme: -

The agriculture extension machinery and information support to most states seemed to have become outmoded. The staff created under World Bank assisted Training & Visit (T&V) programme did not have much mobility. The need to revamp the extension services in the country by using print and electronic media and information technology along with the involvement of the private sector was felt increasingly. The private sector specially the input agencies and traders, were one of the main sources of information for the farmers. Radio, Television and the print media had become powerful means of education and technology dissemination.  The farmers were now need technology, investment, better quality inputs and most of all the latest know-how for sustaining commercial agriculture. As this happened a major shift in the methodology of delivering knowledge to the farm had to take place. The traditional system of extension would not be able to meet the needs of a diversified Indian Agriculture. At this juncture, it was felt that by judicious using of the mass media, the problem of educating and informing the vast mass of agricultural workers, farmers and public at large could be addressed. The Central Sector Scheme “Mass Media Support to Agriculture Extension” has been launched during the Xth Plan Period with a view to contribute to revamping the extension services in the country by using electronic media for transfer of technology/information to the farmers.  The EFC approval of the scheme was obtained on 05.01.2004 and later on the CCEA approval of the revised scheme was obtained and 24.02.2005. This is a new scheme for 10th five-year plan. 

Scope and Objectives of the scheme:

The primary objective of the Scheme is to use Television and Radio with their massive penetration as a vehicle that could be exploited for the purpose of extension.  They have the advantage of reaching a wide audience at a very low cost.  The electronic media will therefore, need to be made a part of the strategy being adopted for delivering farm level extension services.

The Scheme ‘Mass Media Support to Agricultural Extension’ aims to fulfill the following specific objectives:


Broadcasting programmes covering a wide spectrum of topics in agriculture and allied fields to cover the entire country, with special focus on isolated areas and marginalized population.


Repeat broadcasts at different time slots to suit the viewer’s convenience of different segments of population.


Disseminate programmes in regional languages and local dialects for the specific needs of different regions.


Promote live programming with phone-in feature, so that the viewers may interact and participate in the on going broadcasts.


Undertake capacity building and training programmes to help upgrade the knowledge and expertise of programme executives, extension workers, field-level officials and other functionaries.



List of Regional Narrowcasting DD Kendras & FM Kisan Vani Stations